Want To Keep Your Powerbank Durable? Follow These 5 Ways

Now, devices cannot be separated from everyday use, Powerbank has become an important requirement for not a few people.
As a result, Powerbank is not infrequently seen as a savior when your smart cellphone battery can’t offer power supplies when used every day.
However, abuse of Powerbank can also hypnotize its endurance.
Especially for those of you who are moving back and forth before Eid al-Fitr, absolute Powerbank is one of the important devices that are expected to charge your device. Well, don’t let the powerbank you use on the way back to death, aka sudden damage.
Then what can you do to make Powerbank last? Summarizing from several sources, here I present a number of factors that you need to know when maintaining Powerbank.

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1. Recharge Only When Required
Try charging Powerbank when it is in a minimum power state, and immediately pull it out of the socket when the battery indicator light is full.
The best is to charge Powerbank when the battery indicator is only one bar, aka it will prove to last a long time which does not allow the entrance to the socket.

2. Can’t Use a Smartphone
Sometimes you have dreams of using a device when connected to Powerbank.
Whatever activity you want to do, try to wait until the cellphone charges first. Except for anxiety, absolute.
This is done so that cellphone batteries can be charged faster without interference from some kind of general media, aka games.

3. Avoid extreme temperatures
Like other electronic items, do not place a Powerbank in an area that is exposed to exclusive sunlight or other heat sources.
Not only heat, humid air and high water intensity if you also avoid it. It is good to wrap Powerbank so the temperature around it is still normal.

4. Don’t fall
Like not a few electronic devices, Powerbank includes objects that are susceptible to damage if they fall or fall.
If it occurs due to the heavy performance of the battery components in it will also be reduced, alias does not cover the possibility of not being used.

5. Keep away from other electronic items
In addition to hot, humid and wet temperatures, it is a good new view not to put Powerbank close to other electronic devices that cause magnetic fields.
The magnetic waves produced by the two will collide with each other which causes damage in the long run.