Rick and Morty co-creator applauds McDonald’s for Szechuan sauce game

Rick and Morty co-creator applauds McDonald’s for Szechuan sauce game

In fact, Dan Harmon could see a one-time joke about the limited edition sauce from McDonald’s that turned into a frenzy right now.

Harmon spoke to Polygon at New York Comic Con about his second season of Dungeons and Dragons, HarmonQuest, and the recent Rick and Morty seasons. Harmon said that the entry of Szechuan sauce jokes started as a way to tear co-creator Justin Roiland, who was obsessed with his sauce, but he was comforted that McDonald’s pushed forward with the sauce back.

“I think this is very hysterical,” Harmon said. “The version of Mr. Poopybutthole with a slightly shorter hat and McDonald’s hint is moody to ‘Hey, you look like a person who likes to explore such galaxies through some portal, maybe you should drink some Szechuan sauce.’

“It’s hilarious because if you get robbed, robbed by McDonald’s.”

McDonald’s announced on Sunday that it restored the sauce, which was initially launched in 1998 as a tie for Disney’s animated film, Mulan. In season three premieres, Rick [voiced by Roiland] explains that he is trying to get his hands on the sauce. At the end of July, just before the “official” show premiered the first three seasons after a sudden surprise episode lasting 48 hours at Adult Swim, McDonald’s sent a large sauce container to Roiland. The fast-food chain then handed three more bottles to the fans, one of which ended up selling jugs to DJ Deadmau5 for an undisclosed amount.

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Harmon insists that he does not know McDonald’s will bring the sauce back and thinks Adult Swim is not. Although McDonald’s never indeed named Rick and Morty as the reason for the return of the sauce, there is quite a lot of respect in the art that makes it clear.

“Look at that art, look at the letter,” Harmon said. “Listen, I’m not sarcastic when I talk about this If anyone from McDonald’s reads this, I do not see anything wrong with what they do and their legal department.”

Harmon did not say whether Szechuan sauce would return in the fourth season, which has not been confirmed by Adult Swim. Those who want to get their Szechuan sauce pack can do it on October 7 at the participating McDonald’s location in the United States.