Underwater Secret Paradise of Bali Menjangan Snorkeling

Bali Menjangan Snorkeling has a secret beauty to explore. Let’s move to the western part of Bali and find Menjangan island there. It is a public secret that Bali has all the beauty of beaches. This island is full of the enchanting beach. For beach lovers, this island of Gods is their true paradise. You can explore all the beauty and hope for coming back every time you have leisure.

A little bit different to the southern part of Bali which is so famous for its beauty. You will move to the western part of Bali to see the National Park of Menjangan. The main ingredient of your Bali enjoyment here is the snorkeling. It is outstanding that snorkelling in Bali is addictive since it has so much beauty. Well, you have to put Bali Menjangan Snorkeling on your vacation list. Read this all about and you will understand why it has become a must place to visit in Bali.

Located in Menjangan National Park

When you are hearing about National Park, the things that will pass your brain are about beauty, beauty, and beauty. You are not wrong since National Park is the best place to see the original creation of the creator. Menjangan National Park also has it for you. All the beauty here is well-taken care.

The sea is also clean. It is well-taken care too. Since it is located in National Park of Menjangan, all you can find is purity of Natural life. Remember, as an important information, you are prohibited to stay on the night. This is an empty island and it is nice for the continuity of the natural beauty.

Blue Water Sea And Magnificent Underwater Life

Let’s come to the main dish. The water, the sea, the underwater life, and the experience are extremely amazing to feel. Being a witness of this one of Gods creation is a gift that you will never find in other places.

Be ready for your snorkeling tools and swim in it. Look the fish swimming around you. They will welcome you as a special guest of a king’s messenger. The blue crystal water makes your eyes clearly to see them.

Combine it with the coral and other sea creatures. The feeling will be like you are in a crystal palace with rainbow attraction. The colorful fish make it beautiful. Further, the water plants are dancing to welcome you. All of them is magnificent. Never forget to captures all of your moments here. Show the world that you are in the most beautiful underwater kingdom.

Nice and perfect facility

Spending adventure in nowhere doesn’t mean you are lost like a forest man. Joining Menjangan Snorkeling you will get all you need to enjoy it. The first, you will get your private transport to reach it. Since you have to cross the sea, a boat is also provided. Your driver is professional and friendly. The ticket and lunch are also in your hand. Of course, the snorkeling equipment is your first priority to be provided.

If you want to feel it all, BeFree Tour is the only solution for you. This professional tour agent guarantees to gives the most amazing journey in Menjangan Island. Having the greatest snorkeling with it and you will be longing to come back again.