Type of Housing Ethnic

The type of housing ethnic is the architecture style that shows the traditional the special characters of a place. No matter where is that place, when a building or house is shows the special character of a place or a state means that they do use the ethnic type of housing. That’s why some people called the ethnic style as the local style. The ethnic type of housing is based on the capacity of the materials and the nature conditions of that place. The ethnic style of one place can be difference from another. The ethnic style shows how the philosophy, believing and culture of a place. Every single touch has meaning for ethnic type of housing even for the materials. So the main point type of housing ethnic is the meaning.


Before make the ethnic type of housing there are several things you have to know. The first is you should know well about the style. Because the ethnic type of housing is about the philosophy that have meanings. Try to find the style which ethnic that you are going to use, the philosophy, what should and what should not.  You can consult with the architect or go down to the place that have that ethnic and interview with those who understand well to the style. Do not left to ask about the materials that have to use for that design.


So in conclusion, the several things that you should remember are:

  • Philosophy

As we know that every place has their own believing. The believing is not just applied to their mind. But also to their daily life such as their house. In believing, there might be what should and what should not at one with the meaning.

  • Spatial

The spatial of the house is also influenced by the believing. Do not just pay attention to the shape or the ornaments, but the spatial also. Because the spatial of a building is have meanings in some believing.

  • Elements inside the house

Elements inside the house are one of the important things. That’s about the texture, pattern, color and so on.