Rick and Morty’s toxicity is our unescapable story of 2017

It is impossible to talk about entertainment and pop culture in 2017 without reflecting on the phenomenon – and toxicity – Rick and Morty.

Not his fault co-creator Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, who pleaded with fans on Twitter to stop their hostile antics and immaturity. Not a critic’s fault that praised the third season and most remembered Rick and Morty. That’s not even the fault of the majority of fans, many of whom voiced their embarrassment for being linked to a stricter reactionary group and causing a toxic stir.

Toxicity around the third season Rick and Morty come from two separate groups that at first sight do not seem to have anything in common. One group is targeting the new female author on Twitter, who blames them for “destroying” the version of Rick and Morty they care about. The second team, motivated by an aggravating compulsion to change their obsession with a joke in their favorite series into something more, raided the McDonald’s location across the United States, muttering part-time employees to search for limited edition Szechuan sauce.

Rick and Morty’s cultural identity is at a critical point in 2017. His long-time fans, who waited (somewhat impatiently) for over 18 months between the second and third seasons, watched the mainstream media brand Rick and Morty communities as blameworthy. We also observed as Elon Musk proclaimed his love for this series and other celebrities paid attention to his original story.

Beth and Rick in Rick and Morty season 3 episode 9.Adult Swim

But what we continue to return is the harassment that goes on in society and the disappointment of Rick and Morty’s creators. Harmon told Entertainment Weekly that “these buttons, who want to protect the content they think they have – and combine it with their need to be proud of something they have, which is often just their race or gender.” It was a sentiment he followed up a few weeks later, telling Polygon “I think if you talk to someone about whether something is annoying, it is a good indication that they are not watching TV properly.”

Harmon’s comments about Rick and Morty’s fans misunderstand what they see echoing for weeks. We wrote that the way Rick and Morty’s fans reacted to the Szechuan sauce disaster proves that it’s something to do “out of their love for a show that they think makes them look smart, or they feel justified in their loneliness.”

The parts of Rick and Morty’s identified fans have the same characteristics that Harmon and Roiland try to riff – ironically, human toxicity. Rick is probably the smartest man in the galaxy, but he is a negligent and emotional puncture with the problem of neglect and narcissistic tendencies. Inherent selfishness drives his actions, inability to care for others other than himself.

Rick is not an idol; he is our warning

Rick and Morty - Rick at McDonald’s drive-thruAdult Swim

The bad side of Rick’s character, however, came to define reactionary Rick and Morty conservative groups. The same group of people who manifest “be fair, you must have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty” memes. The disturbing similarities between Rick and his most devout supporters lurking beneath the surface during the first two seasons are now exhibited prominently.

Like the previous Fight Club group, this Rick and Morty fan group destroyed this series for many of us. It’s a shame, but not surprising. Here is the fan who sees Rick’s selfish and aggressive personality as the ideal male alpha; someone to aspire to be. He, in their eyes, is a god because of his intelligence and his ability to put his aspirations before others. When two authors Rick and Morty, Jessica Gao and Rachel Becker, were subjected to Rick and Morty’s threat, the most common complaints spewed made Rick more vulnerable and expressed the pain that caused his family. She was harassed, they said.

Rick and Morty’s subreddit almost exploded as people clashed with this ideal. Moderators do their best to address growing concerns among forum members that rampant poisoning has damaged the overall experience of the show. A moderator posts a set of guides to try and minimize harassment, noting “while we allow discussion of this topic, dirty campaigns against any individual will be removed. Repeated violations will result in temporary bans.”

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Although the most significant external story facing Rick and Morty’s community is a ridiculous reaction to the limited edition Szechuan sauce of McDonald’s, the internal narrative is a divided fandom. War rages on subreddit threads; Twitter groups launch attacks on each other and, of course, shows that creators Harmon and Roiland are trying to figure out what’s going on. Their contribution to television culture suddenly became an obsessive culture itself and, unfortunately, there was a group of people who did not understand it.


Rick and Morty cannot stand this year. As a show, this series has its best season in 2017. Our fandom is poured into everyday life. The failure of the Szechuan sauce represents our most embarrassing moments as fans in the eyes of the general public, but even that is not its lowest point.

Rick and Morty are primarily unlikely to be ignored this year because the reaction mentioned above group decided that their mission was to underestimate, harass and insult a group of authors guilty of merely doing their work. When harassment takes place in our community, it is essential that we show it and talk about it. Whether it’s in games, technology, politics or even fandom Rick and Morty, we owe it to those who are attacked and ourselves to start a conversation and try to stop it.

Gao, Becker and other female writers at Rick and Morty will still get unwanted tweets from people who have nothing better to do than support their favorite anti-problem person. But now, we can show them and remind them that verbal attacks launched both of us and harmony makers like Harmon and Roiland will not reach them.

We do not know when Rick and Morty will be back for the fourth season, but 2017 taught us how not to act while airborne. This year has been a learning lesson for all Rick and Morty fans; let’s leave it in the past as we head for 2018.

A Review of New Ford Mustang 2014

Right this year, Ford Mustang celebrates their 50th birthday. On the same time, Ford Mustang also launches their new vehicle which is known as the new Ford Mustang 2014.

The Specifications of 2014 Ford Mustang
Unlike the predecessor, as quoted by Damaraji‘s note … the new Mustang 2014 comes with new and upgraded components. The exterior of new Ford Mustang gets some improvements even though it still uses the same platform.

The all new Ford Mustang launched in 2014 gets some different exterior paint colors. It also comes with high-intensity-discharge headlights and LED taillights to replace the old headlights and taillights used by the predecessor.

Moreover, this new Ford Mustang is available in two different models. They are Ford Mustang coupe and Ford Mustang convertible. Instead of having the exterior improved, the new Ford Mustang 2014 features refined interior.

The interior now becomes much more modern and stylish. The cozy and comfortable cabin is equipped with 4.2-inch colorful LCD screen with Track Apps software to support the navigation system. Furthermore, the monochromatic black interior is also offered with some additional features the customers can choose, such as leather upholstery, nifty side mirrors, and more.

Not to mention, the new Ford Mustang 2014 price is quite affordable compared to the other cars in the same class. It is offered starting from $23,000 for the standard model and starting from $55,400 from the GT500 model.

My Opinion about New Ford Mustang 2014
Speaking of the new edition of Ford Mustang car for 2014, there are three engine options offered to support the performance.

This engine is used in new Ford Mustang 2014 GT and GT500. To support the engine and the smooth performance, the new Ford comes with 6-speed manual transmission. 6-speed automatic transmission becomes an optional choice the customers can pick. Instead of having high performance engine which can performs well and economically, I think this car is worth purchasing due to the design and features as well.

And when I took a look at the picture of new Ford Mustang 2014, I knew that this car would be so much interesting to have.

Lenovo IdeaPad 320S Review of Design and Specifications

Lenovo IdeaPad 320S Tinjauan Desain dan Spesifikasinya


Lenovo has updated a series of Ideapad laptops, and this is one of the cheapest. But it’s really good. Here is our review of Ideapad 320S, and why you do not need to break the bank to get a decent Windows 10 experience.

Lenovo IdeaPad 320S Review

The Lenovo IdeaPad 320S is an entry-level laptop that looks, from the widest arm at least, similar to the one that costs £ 600-1000. The sub- £ 400 model does not have to be dumpy or ugly anymore.

Usually we struggle to recommend a laptop as low power as Lenovo IdeaPad 320S. However, we have bokep finally reached the point where Windows 10 and Pentium low-end processors can get along. It’s time to celebrate.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 320S is a great match for someone with a low budget and no tasks that really crunch the CPU to do. Do not come expecting a big screen, though, as it is conspicuously worse than a laptop from the next level.

Price and availability

Lenovo IdeaPad 320S is an affordable laptop, costing us £ 349 spec review. It has an Intel Pentium 415U low-end CPU, 128 GB SSD and 4GB of RAM.

If you’re after an inexpensive laptop that also has a Core series processor, the Lenovo IdeaPad 320S i3 costs £ 475.

There are also many higher end versions, with Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, 1080p display, and 128GB SSD, for 649.99 pounds. This is a viable alternative to the £ 200-more IdeaPad 720, though it is really a completely different laptop to the one we are reviewing at the moment, outside the shell.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 320S comes with a one-year warranty.

Available to buy from Currys PC World here.


The design is the main attraction of Lenovo IdeaPad 320. It’s not unusual for a promo of this laptop.

From a distance you could easily believe the cost of £ 600-1000. It does not have a thick frame or simple straight line budget laptop. Instead, The Lenovo IdeaPad 320S has an ultrabook-like shell, but is made up mostly of plastic rather than aluminum.

The lid is aluminum, but wise Lenovo has chosen to support a classy look instead of this showy, using the same color blocks for the entire shell.

It feels solid too. There is a minimum of flex for the Lenovo IdeaPad 320S screen and only a small portion of the keyboard flexes under pressure, and even then you should look for errors to notice it.

Best NBA Live Mobile Impact Players

The NBA season might be finished however there are still odds of remembering your fantasy. In the event that you happen to be a diehard aficionado of NBA recreations, at that point the session of nba live mobile impact players would end up being to be an ideal stage for you. A much anticipated amusement, it will face your desires. With nothing not as much as the genuine rendition, you would will undoubtedly appreciate this amusement to its center. Correspondence and execution are the key components in this diversion. Dealing with certain real perspectives would end up being exceptionally gainful for you.

Past the mechanics of group building, genuine concentrate is on its amusement play. With amazingly simple to play techniques, any gamer can label themselves in this diversion. This diversion comprises of certain exceptional and special components which would make sure to bid all players. From building your fantasy group to opening up card packs, and so on. Nearness of such one of a kind variables causes this amusement to separate itself from different recreations. On court parts of this diversion are likewise to a great degree simple and essential. Because of such factors, any beginner can play this amusement. Notwithstanding utilizing nba live mobile impact players portable hack makes it all the more simple. Consequently, right away, motivate set to draw out your best moves and score high with this diversion.

As you begin off in this diversion, aside from framing groups, you would likewise be required to finish certain sets. It is said to hold monstrous noteworthiness. There are diverse sorts of sets to be accomplished. Some of it is known as Team Sets, Impact Players Sets and Legend Sets. Culmination of sets would help in bringing you compensates and also a lot of focuses. Next set up is play nba live mobile impact players Sets. These eventual an extraordinary approach to fortify your general lineup. Be that as it may, these cards are to a great degree elusive at a decent cost. By the by, pull rates of group cards are thought to be greatly high.

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TV Show and Movie Streaming

Netflix subscribers can immediately view TV shows and films that are streamed from Netflix into the Apple iPad with the free http://www.livetvmalaysia.online. It functions as-as it seems.

The Netflix app has ever given the capacity to resume viewing where you left off on your TV or Computer via the iPad since the Netflix tabbed streaming alternative inherently provides this ability. The iPad app additionally supplies a pop-up window with a detailed description and photograph of the DVD coat for films and TV shows readers are interested in and need to find out more about in addition to the choice to rate TV shows and films you watched. It is possible to look for content, navigate by category, check your accounts and see and manage your queues. The interface appears like the Netflix site.

Along with the basic attributes, the Netflix iPad app has updated features since originally being published last April.

Streaming TV shows and films to a handheld tablet computer? Can that potential work?

As soon as you put in your Netflix account data into the Netflix app, you have complete access to a Netflix account. When you click on “Play” on a TV series or film, the true magic starts as within mere moments the movie content starts playing. The movie usually comes across incredibly well. You’re able to perform high rate dressings, pause and change facet while viewing the film. Furthermore, in case you want screenshots of TV shows or videos, you may use the normal iOS screenshot system (holding down the Power button when clicking on the “iPad button.”

The Netflix app does experience problems once the network connection is slow inducing the sound and video to either freeze or sound to disappear. More recently there are problems with the Netflix streaming servers since there are far more adopters of this instantaneous streaming service.

In spite of these minor problems which happen rarely, the Netflix instantaneous streaming service, as well as the Netflix app together with the iPad, make a killer iPad app, and that is why the Netflix iPad app is just one of the very best iPad apps out there.

Step by step instructions to Straighten Curly Beard

Curly Beard

Step by step instructions to Straighten Curly Beard

Each man’s adoration his look and need to convey his beard in various styles at various events. However, one style which is normal and adored the most is a straight beard. A large portion of all, everybody has their own particular novel beard hair surface and some are likewise honored with the normally curly or wavy beard. Presumably it will truly look muddled and difficult to keep up in some cases. On the off chance that you need to know how to fix curly beard and get an in vogue trendy look, read this article. Here you will get simple and clear strides to in a split second look in vogue.

Instructions to fix curly beard

For what reason do individuals have curly beard?

Your beard hair is made of keratin, a solid protein, which contains sulfides. Like curly head hair, here is the motivation behind why we have a curly beard hair:

-Hilter kilter hair follicles

-Bended hair follicles

-Uneven circulation of keratin along the hair follicle

-What number of disulfide bond that makes a twist in your hair structure you have

-Fix Curly Beard Naturally

The most ideal approach to changing your wave or curly beard into a stick-straight style is fix your beard Naturally. As the name says, the characteristic beard fixing is totally common and safe. The strategy won’t hurt beard in any capacity and would dependably work for the advantage of any sort of beard. Presently, the idea must inconvenience that how to rectify beard normally. These ways incorporate basic stuff which is accessible at home effectively.

The following is the means that advise how to rectify beard at home normally:

  1. Wash and condition your beard

Your beard ought to be extremely wet, it’s best to do it directly in the wake of showering. It will make your exercises in rectifying the beard less demanding and shorter. Likewise, utilize the correct cleanser or a beard wash, it’s critical, regardless a legitimate beard wash. When you wash your beard hair, recall, to utilize the tepid water and flush them all perfect.


  1. Press abundance dampness from beard utilizing a towel

You can begin the drying procedure by utilizing a ultra-spongy towel, which enables wick dampness to out of the beard rapidly without causing harm and frizz. Try not to dry your wet beard hair totally out however, ensure it needs to in any case on soggy condition.

  1. Apply the oil beard or conditioner

Drops of a characteristic beard oil into your hands and tenderly rub into your soggy beard hair. This stuff will smoothen your beard, so it will make your beard to be set effectively.

  1. Apply blow dryer with brush

This progression is the basic one to rectify your beard hair. Make a point to set your blow dryer on low temperature. At that point, you need to soften go over your beard and pulling the hair straight as you take after with the dryer.

  1. Continue brushing your beard until it’s dry

Besides, utilizing a mix of a brush and your fingers to help rectify. This progression should be possible by utilizing a simple and even straightforward way. In this way, the main thing that you can do is to back under wraps your beard.

Above all else these means you can take after effectively however will require you a considerable measure of time and exertion. In the event that you choose to fix your beard normally, search for the correct beard wash and conditioner. Do this routine at home with day by day very much kept up and mind.

Fix Beard with Chemicals

There are a wide range of sorts of beard straighteners to browse contingent upon the kind of beard hair you have. These items includes most reasonable for long or short beard and ones intended for fine or thick beard hair. Also, finding the correct one will make it less demanding to make the styles you need.

The chemicals utilized as a part of fixing beard are extremely solid, utilizing this item once a day isn’t prudent. In the event that you choose to utilize them, you should be connected at scalp level to have the coveted impact. Moreover, you can going to look dependable and skilled specialist who can deliberately screen the procedure. The wrong one could be baffling to utilize and could wind up harming your beard and skin.

Fix Curly Beard with warm (Straightening Iron)

The least demanding and most regular approach to fix beard is with an utilizing a level iron, yet all that warmth can complete a ton of harm and break your hair. On the off chance that you need to utilize this technique, make a point to utilize warm treatment showers and set a low temperature on the straightener to guarantee you don’t give the warmth a chance to press touch the skin all over.

5 Essential tips on the most proficient method to rectify your beard with warm:

-Ensure your beard is dry and clean

-Picking the correct blow dryer with brush

-Apply a warmth assurance splash before styling

-Set the level iron at the correct temperature

-Rectify your beard in light of your general style objective

In the event that your beard has gone straight, utilize beard salve that will diminish and fortify your beard while holding your beard straight throughout the day

Source: http://www.themyhairstyles.com/

Baby Shower Verses

Perhaps you’re looking for a shower which is notably unique from the traditional route. A child bathtub is quite a joyous occasion for all of us else involved. An full baby shower invite wording is very more than likely to generate the start of baby shower get together extremely Favorable. It’s an excellent baby shower invitation template you can fill out and print out of the PC.

Baby Shower Verses

If you should be planning a child shower, after which you realize there are quite a bit of topics available that permit you to develop your personal welcome, while still setting your very own personal message inside. Whether you’re hosting the bathtub for your very closest buddy or relative, almost always there is a means to generate stunning tailor created invitations to the party that’ll exceed their requirements. Naturally, if it’s perhaps not a surprise shower, then be certain to consult the mom-to-be regarding exactly what her tastes are. If you’re the hostess of the surprise baby shower, you will locate these brief verses, adorable, sassy, and an enjoyable way to encourage your customers. A baby shower is really a modest different from a few different parties since it’s typically not some thing that you throw for yourself. Unfortunately, it invitation wording is one of the main parts of the bash. Indian child shower is termed Godh Bharai.

Baby showers are definitely the most cherished minutes in your life length of a stay-at-home mother. A baby shower is actually a retreat from your preparation and planning which goes using a new child, and a possibility to celebrate with family members and family members. Just be certain that you be conscious of this budget, and remain on subject and you’re going to have good baby shower celebration! Joyful Baby-shower and revel just as far as possible!

With all our fast provider, you’ll have your invitations to your shower in hardly any moment; point! Baby Shower Email Invitations maybe the suitable choice for your ideas. Choosing the child shower invitation is your very first step into picking the best Babyshower of all-time.

A kid is called but first there’ll be a shower! Possessing a baby is going to be the proudest moment of your own lives. It isn’t just a individual event from life. The ideal point to shell out on your own infant would be the time. A new baby isn’t only a change for many parents, those siblings want to make an immense modification too. 1 tiny baby, You can definitely control.

Now you have to select the kind of proposal to compose. Poems and verses are simple to consider and psychological. They, on the other side, will make the invitation very unforgettable. It’s likely to readily produce your own verses. It will likely be difficult to pick out one of the numerous potential Baby-shower verses. Baby poems may declare quite a few of items. Below you’ll find a number of our favourite unborn baby poems.

Choosing the appropriate Words Wording for baby shower invites might be challenging, especially if you’re not partial to the writing. Before beginning on your infant shower invitation wording, you are going to want to pick the best invitation to your own party. Finding the correct wording for a baby shower invitation may be an intimidating task in the beginning . however, it’s actually somewhat less hard because you are perhaps thinking. You are also browsing for your ideal child boy shower invitations wording.

Unique Bed Design Elegant Furniture With Lovely Options

Many things can give a good impact on all parts of the bedroom. This is usually a vital part to consider some homeowners. In fact, some of them will also apply different designs for all parts of this room. The size of the room is usually the important things that will give effect to the appearance of the bedroom. So the size of the room will affect our decision to implement a very attractive interior design. Moreover, today many interior design that we can apply to all parts of the bedroom. Including adjusting the size of the unique bed design elegant furniture.

unique bed design elegant furniture

The room size is very large it is easier for us to determine the entire selection of unique bed design elegant furniture. Moreover, some interesting interior design also requires a very large room size. Some interior design choices that usually consists of modern, contemporary and minimalist. Each option is an interior design course will require different preparation. So we will get a better performance on all parts of the room. However, we also have to remember that preparation will be done this should be adjusted to the size of all parts of the room. In addition, we also have to specify some furniture that will be used in the bedroom.


In fact, we can use other unique bed design elegant furniture to give a better appearance. Moreover, the very large size of the room this will enable us to put a variety of furnishing it. However, we also have to remember that the entire furniture placement should be adjusted with an interior concept that we apply. This is done to provide better comfort. However, we also have to remember that some of the interior design choices that we will apply will also need a very good preparation.