How to Style The Long Hair Short Choppy Layers

The choppy layers are applicable for short hair, but with some creations, it can be applied to long hair too. The long hair short choppy layers show the multi-layered effect and produce the full impression. For the best result, you can contrast the texture by adding the colors. It can bring out you as a new style. The short choppy haircuts are merely and have lots of creations, choose one and be a new you.

Long Curly Hair with Short Layers on Top

The Long Hair Short Choppy Layers for Your New Style

Create the exciting style which shows you, how’s strength your personality and makes the brilliant ideas for the best looking.

  1. The incredible Choppy with Blonde hair

Such a brilliant ideas for long hairstyle with layers, the short choppy layers on top will create the natural looking. It likely shows the undone and messy layers at all. Besides that, this applies to any face shape.

  1. Choppy layers with side bangs

The new long hair with short layers and bangs style, create the side swept bangs is the great option to make the thick looking and light. This is good to tie your hand in the back and feel the freedom to move.

  1. Bold and Edgy Choppy Layers

Makes the new styles for you with something different. The long hair with short layers and very bold looking. The long hair short choppy layers by adding maroon and violet color on top, and let the back hair grow black. It is work for the oval face shape girls.

  1. Short Choppy Layers with Waves

Do you want to look feminine and girly? Apply this style, the long hair short choppy layers and adding the waves on it show up the elegant and sweet looking. Complete with simple makeup, it is work. Believe it!

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Feel free and get out the problem by showing the new hairstyle. The long hair short choppy layers are a perfect choice.