Samsung Flip Transforms Your Whiteboard Experience

samsung flip

Whiteboards are usually pillars at start-up companies around the world, but as we get sick and tired of messy chalkboards, we’re more likely to get tired of pen-stained whiteboards as well. Worry not, though – that does not mean that business owners around the globe will not be able to remain tossing their thoughts in indecipherable penmanship on wall space in the office, but instead that they will enjoy a more technology-forward means of doing this.

During CES 2018, Samsung Electronics brought up a vision they called “Workplace of the Future,” starting with the new Samsung Flip display. The brand new Samsung Flip WM55H claims considerably more collaborative digital learning that will help teams set up, conduct and summarize meetings.

digital flip samsung

Improving after both common flip charts made from paper and whiteboards, the WM55H appears like a familiar board, but is a lot more advanced. As many as 4 participants can put content or simply annotate the display simultaneously, either making use of their fingers or a unique dual-sided pen. Users can personalize their style of writing, color and size, and all marks are produced more clearly and concise with UHD resolution.

To make sure all participants have so much interactivity as possible, Samsung Flip includes device compatibility by way of wireless connectivity and also PC USB and mobile phone ports. Using Screen Sharing Features Participants Can Access Flip Content Using Their Pc Smartphones As Well As Tablets All With The Best Visual Quality. In addition, you’re able to broadcast your own content material from another device onto the Flip screen for unproblematic idea sharing.

The Samsung Flip tries to be as easy to use as possible, which explains why erasing is really as convenient as swiping using your palm, and looking for content can be as fast as scrolling back over the rolling stream (which is made up of up to TWENTY pages of composing space). You can also configure the display to either landscape or portrait depending on your liking. The screen can as well be placed on a unique stand (height-adjustable) or on a wall.

Any time you’re done using the Samsung Flip WM55H, all of the content is kept in a central database, which means you do not have to take a picture for making it last longer. In addition, a password-based security application guarantees that only authorized persons can gain access to information.

Seog-gi Kim, executive VP of the visual display business at Samsung Electronics, said: The often-flawed logistics from modern-day meetings make it possible for individuals to feel disengaged and for major ideas and discoveries to be lost. Today’s individuals desire better and more versatile technologies, and we really think that our new Samsung Flip display comes with unlimited possibilities for generating significant collaboration.”


HP LaserJet Pro M102w Printer Review

HP LaserJet Pro M102w Printer is a conservative independent laser printer that prints fabulous looking content thus so illustrations and pictures, making it a not too bad fit for a smaller scale office or home.  The printer can print from your cell phone or tablet utilizing Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print and Mopria. It additionally works with HP’s own printing application, HP ePrint. The LaserJet Pro M102w can associate with a home or office arrange over a Wi-Fi, however not over an Ethernet association.

HP LaserJet Pro M102w Printer

The HP LaserJet Pro M102w Printer with four toner cartridges and a duplexer, at 15.4 x 16.4 x 12.7 inches, it’s on a standard with most monochrome laser multifunction printers. An info/yield plate unit at the exceptionally top gives you a chance to stack multipage archives for duplicating and checking.

The HP LaserJet Pro M102w Printer works with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The limit of the fundamental paper plate is 150 sheets, a run of the mill estimate. It can associate specifically to a PC with a USB link, or to your system switch remotely with Wi-Fi. For software support please visit HP LaserJet Pro M102w Printer Driver Download

HP LaserJet Pro M102w Print Speed

HP LaserJet Pro M102w Printer with utilize a USB association and was the slowest to print our six-page designs report in highly contrasting, taking 11.5 seconds longer than the normal. But, The M102w  was quicker than normal at printing a high contrast photograph on plain paper. Shockingly, printing a similar photograph in shading was 1 second speedier, at 14.7 seconds. A similar photograph imprinted on the organization’s letter-measure polished pamphlet paper took 35 seconds.

HP LaserJet Pro M102w Print Quality

The HP LaserJet Pro M102w Printer offer print quality was great no matter how you look at it. Content looked extremely fresh and dim, and highly contrasting illustrations pages were correspondingly alluring, albeit some slight banding was obvious in level regions. A letter-measure photograph imprinted in high contrast demonstrated some minor banding in level regions, however it was not as diverting as that from some different models.

Make Money From YouTube With These 5 Video Types!

Making money via YouTube is no longer a public secret. Already many of the industry players who have proven the efficacy of YouTube sites in making money. Are you interested in making money from YouTube? Let’s make money from YouTube with these 5 types of videos!

YouTube allows you to become famous by creating creative or sensational videos, then uploading them to YouTube. But, do you know what kind of video type can make you famous and can be used to make money from there?

5 Video Types on YouTube That Can Make Money

1. Game Walkthroughs

Have you ever been interested in enjoying an old game that never gets done? Surely you are curious about the end of the game that you have not yet completed. In the current YouTube era, you just find a video walkthrough game. There’s always an interesting walkthrough video packed from start to finish in a game play.

Starting from the need, why do not you try to make your own video and download lagu upload it to YouTube? Create video walkthroughs from classic games that have cool graphics or popular games that are being played. Capital? Only software can combine screen recorder and voice recorder. And if you’re able to produce beautifully engaging videos, your videos are ready to be shared on YouTube Gaming.

2. How-To Videos (Tutorial)

Have you seen the following video? Capitalize its ability to create smoke gathered in a glass, 51-second video capable of attracting 3 million more visitors! The result? He is well known and widely offered to create other unique video tutorials.

So, if you can something, create a tutorial on your blog so that others can know it. If it gudang lagu is related to a complicated process that is difficult to make a word, why not make the video? Like for example you can create a hologram with smartphone capital, it seems the video must be very selling. With a capital of creativity, you can generate the coffers of money if you connect your blog to the Adsense service. If your video is watching a lot, it’s not impossible that your video visitors will ask for a new video ready for their sponsor. Interested?

3. Review Video

You just bought a new smartphone? Make a video hands on the product! Because surely many are interested to find out about new products on the market, let alone smartphones or other gadgets that continue to grow. Also create your review using the product. The result? In addition to many visitors who see your video, who knows you ogled vendors or media that dabbled in the field is not it? The term is cool, endorsed.

4. Quick Education

Like making a How-To (Tutorial) video, but the concept is to provide education. YouTube can not only be used to always be a medium of entertainment in the field of film or music, but can be a fun and not boring educational media. If you are able to create educational videos nicely, sure deh many who use your videos for educational activities. The more you use, the more you know and the opportunity to make money is wide open.

5. Social Trends

Discussing something that is trending around us is always interesting. But, it will be more interesting if you can pack it in a slick video. Many social things are trend and can be made interesting video, as long as you are creative. Ready?

Best Premium WooCommerce Themes Guides

If you have a website, of course you want to add WooCommerce themes with premium quality. However, finding the best premium WooCommerce themes is not easy. Therefore, we will share the guides that you can consider.

How to Find the Best Premium WooCommerce Themes

To find the top premium WooCommerce themes, you need to consider the following guides. Firstly, make sure that it is built by a reputable author. Secondly, you also must look for the theme that comes with responsive design so that it optimizes the site performance. Then, you also need to pay attention to the details. In addition, you also should consider theme options and customizations. Next, it is also important to consider the plugin and page builder compatibility. Lastly, you must adjust it to your budget.

WooCommerce Themes and Plugins

Before we talk more about the best premium WooCommerce themes, it is very important to know about the difference between WooCommerce themes and plugins. For your information, WooCommerce is a plugin. Many of them add various features for your online stores. Besides, they also add functionality of your online shop. On the other hand, WooCommerce themes manage the design and layout of your site. Considering the importance of theme, you must have to find the greatest premium WooCommerce themes to make your website much more attractive.

What Is the Best Premium WooCommerce Theme?

Today, you can find so many premium WooCommerce themes via online easily. From many options available, Webmarket built by Proteus Themes can be considered as one of the best choices. It comes with beautiful design and the features are enough to improve your online store without slowing it down. This is best used for WooCommerce shops that sell physical goods. Priced at 199 dollars, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the best premium WooCommerce themes.