See Daihatsu Details DN Trec

Featuring five models of the future at the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) 2017, there is one model that steals the attention, DN Trec. This model is called suitable for the domestic market, and is expected to be a challenger Suzuki Ignis.

Amelia Tjandra, Marketing Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor when met in Tokyo said, for the design process until the production version will take up to three years. About DN Trec, he also mentioned, if the market survey is quite positive in the country.Daihatsu DN Trec

DN Trec is categorized as a stylish compact SUV, claimed to be suitable for everyday use and for the hobbyists. From the exterior of the exterior itself, this model also has an aggressive feel tough, unique and more modern. visit:

Likewise with its elegant, compact interior, themed “active, fun and tough”. Interestingly again, this model has two engine options 1,200 cc hybrid, while one other 1,000 cc with a turbo boost.

Tadao Yokota, GM Brand Office Daihatsu Motor Company said, if DN Trec combines the functional value of SUV and MPV, wrapped with a compact form. So this model can be used in two areas.

“If in the Japanese market, popular SUV type is a large dimension, but unfortunately difficult to use in the city or a narrow mountain road. So DN Trec is easy to drive in two areas, namely in the city on weekdays and on roads mountains or rivers on the weekend, “said Yokota. also visit: